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Changeable life and future orphans. I’m happy with the IT profession for self-development and successful life

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the field of web development and the type of design, the tasks of which include designing your own web interfaces for websites or web applications.



a specialist who deals with programming, ie the creation of computer programs.



a specialist who deals with programming, ie the creation of computer programs.



this is the person responsible for finding the right professionals.

About the Academy

We create the technological future of Ukraine through the care and training of orphans Digital skills and IT professions. Our goal is to grow the leaders of society who will build a better future for Ukraine.

Our goal

is to help change
lives and improve the future of children in need.

We want

teach Digital professions, unleash the potential and develop the talents of every orphan

Change your life with us!
Get a modern profession in IT

Areas of study


SMM, Instagram, Facebook

Web designer

Work in programs Figma, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Front-end Developer

layout of sites, use of frameworks

Back-End Developer

We study modern programming languages: Python/Django, PHP, WordPress.

IT Recruiter

specialized activities, HR function, aimed at finding candidates for vacant positions in the organization.


the set of employees working in the organization; company staff.

Team of mentors

Our mentors

Eugene Moiseev
Eugene Moiseev CEO
Yuriy Mykhailyshyn Lead Gen
Andriy Yakovenko FullStack Developer
Max Smolyar Python Dev
Eugene Moiseev
Євген Моісеєв CEO
Юрій Михайлішин Lead Gen
Андрій Яковенко FullStack Developer
Макс Смоляр Python Dev


How to get into IT Academy

Offline / Online master classes

  • basics of IT / Digital professions passing tests: English, memory, logic

IT Camp 10 days

  • development and promotion of personal projects 15 master classes from top speakers

Study at the IT Academy for 6 months

  • training 9 IT / Digital professions deepening into the chosen profession internships and employment
Mentors who know how to help become an IT professional
Orphans who have acquired knowledge in IT
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We teach orphans

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